Our technology level caters to the needs from the evolving global market.

Complex global economy makes competition become more intense than ever.
Intensity of competition has increased especially among automobile manufacturers worldwide.
To win such competition, unprecedentedly high technological standards are required to satisfy the needs of safety, designability, driving performance, and environmental performance.
In order to satisfy the various demanding needs of automobile manufacturers worldwide,
we acquired “IATF16949”, internationally recognized standard for automotive quality management system,
and “ISO14001” environmental management standard.

ISO Certification

Certificate to prove the high-quality management system IATF16949
Quality management system

Internationally recognized quality assurance standard created based on ISO9001 with requirements from automobile industry

Quality policy
  1. 1. Manufacture reliable and high-quality products that satisfy the clients’ needs.。
  2. 2. Develop technology and products to meet the clients’ needs.
  3. 3. Think and act globally.
  1. 1.  Offer solutions to the clients through our total production system consisting of development, design, production technology, and manufacturing.
  2. 2. Supply high-quality products using our advanced surface treatment technology and production facilities.
  3. 3. Win clients’ satisfaction and confidence and anticipate needs in advance by promoting R&D and the quality assurance system.
  4. 4. Eliminate any defective quality by following the requirements in the quality management system, and continue to improve its effectiveness.
October 1, 2018
Sakae Riken Kogyo Co., Ltd.  Hideki Okano, President and CEO

Certificate to prove the advanced environmental protection system ISO 14001
Environmental management system

Internationally recognized standard for the environmental management system to achieve balance between business operation and environmental risk reduction.
This is a certificate that proves to the every stakeholder that we are a socially responsible company.

Environmental principle We, as a member of the business community, recognize environmental protection as one of the most important tasks we face.
We actively engage in environmental protection activities to achieve balance between business operation and the global environment.
Environmental policy
  1. 1. We have developed, designed, produced, and sold different kinds of plastic components for automobile and home electronics. In order to contribute to climate change mitigation, biodiversity and environment protection, we make an effort to reduce the burden on the environment at every stage of our business activities, and provide environmentally friendly products through our constructive development.
  2. 2.  We prepare an environmental protection manual that satisfies the requirements of ISO1400, and establish an Environmental Management Organization led by the Environmental Protection Committee which clarifies responsibilities and roles. From the viewpoint of life cycle, we promote our environmental activities and address risks and opportunities surrounding us.
  3. 3.  We understand the impact on the environment from our business activities, and undertake periodic review to improve our environmental management goal, make an effort to prevent pollution, sustainably use resources and cooperate with the local community, with consideration of technological and economic conditions.
    (1) Strictly monitor our facilities and processes that may negatively affect the environment.
    (2) Reduce waste, and reuse and recycle it.
    (3) Promote reduction of resource and energy consumption.
    (4) Develop and manufacture environmentally friendly products.
    (5) Promote the management of chemical substances contained in products.
  4. 4. We provide environmental education to all employees and workers to inform them of environmental policy and to enhance environmental awareness.
We disclose this environmental policy upon request.
October 1, 2018
Sakae Riken Kogyo Co., Ltd.  Hideki Okano, President and CEO