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The world’s leading fully automatic plastic plating line

Fully automatic plating line with the most advanced computer system brings outstanding work efficiency to a high quality plating process.We have established extensive organizations, including three bases in Japan, one each in China, USA, and Indonesia, thereby enabling us to quickly respond to our clients’ needs.

It is able to treat five kinds-of surfaces Gloss, Matte, Smoke, Black and Salt-proof on one line.

Locations of SR plating plants Surface treatment equipment

Flexible painting technology creates high-quality products

We have introduced different types of robotic systems for electrostatic painting used for large-sized components such as bumpers, and swivel painting that efficiently applies paint on products such as handles.High quality products are manufactured through our various painting technologies that have been obtained over time. Our technologies include masking paint that delivers a perfectly even surface and paint that is applied on delicately-controlled plated components.


Comprehensive technology for making paint

Our original masking paint combined with plating technology delivers a beautifully even painted surface that surpasses the competition.

Advanced metal-film forming technology in line with the products and needs

In addition to metal-film forming technology by plating, aluminum deposition that requires high reflection ratio, deposition using indium that for radio waves, and sputtering system that makes door mirror surface, we are prepared to provide the metal-film forming technology according to our clients’ needs.

Technology of indium vapor deposition that the millimeter-wave radar goes through

Incorporating of indium vapor deposition, we manufacture emblems that the millimeter-wave radar passes through to measure a distance between cars or to detect the speed of the vehicle in front.

Surface treatment equipment